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Act Quickly And Call A Skilled DWI Attorney

Being charged with DWI, OUI or DUI in Massachusetts is treated not only by the courts as a serious offense, but it is also taken seriously by your employers, families, friends and the community. If you have been charged with drunk driving, it is important to quickly take action to preserve your rights and reputation.

The Taunton, Massachusetts, DWI defense attorneys at Natoli & Associates understand what is at stake, and we are here to protect you.

Minimizing The Consequences Of An Arrest

We are here to minimize the consequences you face, such as:

  • Fines
  • Points on your driving record
  • Increases to your insurance premiums or being dropped by your insurer
  • Jail time
  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • Reporting requirements to employers
  • Reputation and standing in the community

At the time you were stopped by law enforcement and arrested, you were probably given a 15-day temporary license. You then have 30 days to appeal the suspension of your license, and our Taunton, Massachusetts, DWI defense attorneys will immediately take action. We will fight to help you minimize the suspension time, keep your license or have a hardship license issued so you can keep driving. We will fight for you at the administrative license suspension hearing before the RMV as well as for your case in criminal court.

We know how to effectively challenge the results of blood alcohol content findings, Breathalyzer results and how sobriety tests were administered. Attorney Natoli currently sits on the board of directors for the Bristol County Criminal Law Bar Advocate Trial Panel, representing Taunton, and he brings this knowledge and skill when helping clients facing serious criminal charges.

Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense Representation

Whether this is your first DUI or you already have multiple drunk driving convictions, we strive for the most efficient means possible to resolve a legal matter that is also the most effective solution for our client. This allows you to save money and also move on with your life as quickly as possible. From negotiating alcohol counseling instead of jail time or a suspension instead of total revocation of your license, we will aggressively negotiate and litigate on your behalf to arrive at a resolution that is fair and just.

Charged With Drunk Driving? Get Help Now. Free Consultations Available.

DUI cases are time-sensitive and can affect so many aspects of your life. Don’t wait to get the help you need. To schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers, call 508-822-9829, or contact us online today. We offer a free initial consultation where we can advise you of your rights, how we can protect you and start working on your behalf right away.

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