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Legal Representation When Construction Defects Lead To Injury

Construction defects leading to injury can be devastating. Falls or building collapses can lead to broken bones, head trauma and paralysis. The lack of expertise among builders sometimes leads to shoddy workmanship and defects that lead to accidents and devastating injuries. Other builders are willing to save on costs at the expense of safety by hurrying projects along or by only purchasing inexpensive and deficient material.

Whatever the circumstances, the attorney and staff at Natoli & Associates are prepared to hold negligent construction companies, builders and manufacturers liable when injuries due to construction defects occur. We have helped hundreds of individuals injured in similar circumstances, and we are always prepared to take your matter to trial if necessary.

The Knowledge And Skills To Represent You In Injury Cases

It can be extremely difficult to hold negligent parties responsible when construction defects lead to injuries. Such cases require investigation and thorough examination to determine precisely how a construction accident occurred, and what the nature of the construction defect may be.

It may also be difficult determining which negligent party is responsible for the injuries. There may be more than one culpable party. Or it may even be difficult to determine whether a party is negligent.

We have the experience to find out what happened and to hold negligent parties accountable. Attorney Thomas F. Natoli has a wide range of experience taking on construction companies and insurance companies on behalf of injured individuals and family members. We also have at our disposal engineers and experts who can testify on your behalf.

Contact Our Law Firm Today

Time is of the essence. In Massachusetts, there are strict deadlines for bringing a case against negligent parties. Delay may result in courts refusing to hear your case. Therefore, speak to our experienced personal injury lawyer at Natoli & Associates at your earliest convenience. We will listen to your concerns and provide a frank assessment regarding your chances of success. Contact our Taunton firm by calling 508-822-9829 or by contacting us online.